1st April 2022

Audiograde reviews the McIntosh MHA200 headphone amplifier


Audiograde reviews the McIntosh MHA200 headphone amplifier

In the review, Andrew Simpson from Audiograde wrote: “...the MHA200 ties this detail into the melody of the piece, rather than overload your senses – it’s a fine balance, that few strike so well.”

Audiograde concluded at the end of the review: "In many ways this is one of simplest and most focussed products McIntosh has produced and gets to the essence of the brand, by doing one job and doing it to the best of its ability. Although not cheap, the MHA200 is endlessly enjoyable with a rich, balanced and powerful sound, that’s is more forgiving than most rivals. Add to this the stellar build quality and ability to cater for a wide range of headphones and connections and the MHA200 is a benchmark product that’s highly recommended."

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