1st September 2020

Fine Sounds UK Takes up McIntosh Labs and Sonus faber UK Distribution

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Fine Sounds UK Takes up McIntosh Labs and Sonus faber UK Distribution

McIntosh Group and Jordan Acoustics have today launched the new high-end distribution joint-venture, Fine Sounds UK.

Fine Sounds UK, as we mentioned last week, is the latest string to the McIntosh Group's bow. The company already comprises of some of the most recognisable brands in the industry, such as McIntosh Laboratory, Sonus faber, Audio Research and Sumiko. The McIntosh Group has teamed up with renowned UK distributor, Jordan Acoustics, to focus on developing McIntosh and Sonus faber even further in the United Kingdom.

Jordan Acoustics has been distributing McIntosh Laboratory's equipment within the UK for the last fifteen years and comes on board to collaborate with McIntosh Group to create Fine Sounds UK. The new distribution company will be headquartered in Great Britain as well as providing warehousing and customer service facilities.

Fine Sounds UK has a pretty good start in offering McIntosh and Sonus faber as it's two brands. That said, the new company isn't taking anything for granted. We have been told that Fine Sounds UK will be actively investing in the UK audio industry “by developing an unrivalled portfolio of world-class audio brands, broadening both McIntosh’s and Sonus faber’s dealer base, and expanding its world-famous foundations.”

Commenting on the creation of Fine Sounds UK, McIntosh Group CEO and McIntosh Laboratory President Charlie Randall told StereoNET:

“After 15 successful years of working with Jordan Acoustics in the UK market, we felt this venture of creating Fine Sounds UK was the next logical step to strengthen our position in the market.”

Jeff Poggi, McIntosh Group co-CEO and Sonus faber President, adds:

“Combining together with McIntosh under one business will enable us to expand the reach of Sonus faber to more UK customers, including our new line of home theatre and custom installation products.”

Tim Jordan, the owner of Jordan Acoustics, has also been named a director of Fine Sounds UK told us:

“To have these two world-class stablemates alongside each other as the foundation of our new venture is incredibly exciting. Both brands offer sensational looks, build quality and performance, and we look forward to growing their footprint in the coming months.”

Andy Oattes, previously Sales Director at One AV and Head of Sales at Naim Audio (along with over a decade of experience at Linn), has been appointed as Fine Sounds UK’s Sales Director. He will work with both existing and new specialist retailers, as well as custom installers in the UK, to develop and grow the McIntosh and Sonus faber brands.

“Fine Sounds UK tells us to expect a raft of exciting new product launches from both McIntosh and Sonus faber in the second half of 2020 and promises to make both brands more accessible to UK consumers than ever before.”

We congratulate all involved with the new venture and look forward to seeing how Fine Sounds UK develops.

For more information, please visit Fine Sounds UK, McIntosh Labs and Sonus faber.

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