17th May 2021

hifiandmusicsource.com reviews the Sonus faber Lumina I speakers


hifiandmusicsource.com reviews the Sonus faber Lumina I speakers

We want to thank Lee Dunkley at 'hifiandmusicsource.com' for the fantastic review of the Lumina I speakers from Sonus faber.

Lee wrote:

"...it’s impressive to see how Sonus faber has managed to echo its unmistakable style and quality build of models further up the range and bring these recognisable brand elements to a speaker collection at a very competitive price."

"After several weeks in the company of Sonus faber’s Lumina I standmount and listening in several different scenarios around my home, I was truly reluctant to see this pair of speakers return to their distributor."

"Compact enough to sit either side of a desktop and thoroughly engaging when it comes to delivering TV or movie sound, the Lumina I is a remarkably versatile and well considered compact speaker design."

"Most importantly though, the way it handles music is a real ray of light. As the monicker given to this new collection suggests, this little Lumina represents a bright introduction to the company’s luxurious design and house sound and is highly recommended at the price."

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