10th October 2023

Introducing the MQ112 Environmental Equaliser

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Introducing the MQ112 Environmental Equaliser

The quest for perfect sounding audio in your house can be frustrating as virtually no space in a home is designed with sound reproduction in mind. This can lead to constantly tinkering with acoustic treatments, changing speaker placement, or even rearranging furniture (which may not go over too well with other members of the household). Instead of wasting time fiddling with your system or room, take control of your sound with the McIntosh MQ112 Environmental Equaliser and spend more time listening to your music.

In the relentless pursuit of perfect audio, McIntosh understands the frustration of adapting your living space for optimal sound reproduction. With the MQ112, you can make changes to the music itself so that room acoustic problems can be overcome. The results can be stunning and can make even a great sounding stereo system sound even better.

8 Bands of Control.

At the heart of the MQ112 lies an 8-band analog equalizer that allows you to increase or decrease the levels of the audio signal at 8 key bands in the 25Hz – 10kHz audio frequency range. Think of it as a sonic sculptor that allows you to finely tune the audio signal. With an impressive ±12dB range of adjustment for each band, you can easily cope with any sound challenge. The MQ112 is the solution you need to enhance or subdue particular instrument ranges or voice types, transforming your listening experience.

Can Improve the Sound of Older Music.

The MQ112 Environmental Equaliser does more than just fix room acoustics; it can also breathe new life into older, imperfect recordings. With the master precision of the MQ112, you can target specific frequencies, compensating for deficiencies in vintage tracks and unveiling their hidden brilliance.

The TILT knob, with its subtle tonal balance shift of ±6dB, allows you to customize your sound further. Boost the bass while reducing treble, or vice versa – the choice is yours. The EQ Control knob's IN and OUT settings let you bypass the entire equalizer circuit so you compare the adjusted sound to the original, unaltered version, ensuring you achieve the perfect audio profile.

The equaliser can also be triggered IN or OUT using the rear panel’s EQ Control Trigger, giving you seamless control over when the MQ112 works its magic. Also, by using one of the programmable triggers in the audio system's preamplifier, the EQ can be switched IN or OUT depending on input or amplifier choice. Crafted with precision and versatility, the MQ112 boasts remarkably low noise circuits and minimal distortion, harmonizing seamlessly with high-performance audio systems.

Versatile Audio System Component.

Both balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs are included on the versatile MQ112, making it easy to add it to your stereo system: simply place it between the preamplifier and power amplifier(s) and connect them all together using the inputs and outputs of your choice. The input type you use does not have to match the output type; for example, you could connect a preamplifier (or another audio component with volume control like some CD Players) via the unbalanced inputs, but then connect the MQ112 to your power amplifier(s) with balanced cables via the balanced outputs. The MQ112 can also be used with integrated amplifiers, provided the integrated amp has removable jumpers so the preamplifier section can be disconnected from the power amplifier section.

The versatility of the MQ112 is further evident in its second pair of outputs, which opens a world of possibilities for enjoying your music. You can play the same music through a separate stereo system in another room, bi-amp a single pair of speakers for optimal sound control, or connect a subwoofer for that extra bass punch.

For subwoofers without stereo inputs, the second output on the MQ112 can be set to MONO; two subwoofers can also be connected this way. In more intricate systems, the MQ112 can be connected through PROCESSOR loops and TAPE MONITOR record/play connections found on many preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers.

Classic McIntosh.

The design of the MQ112 Environmental Equaliser is a testament to McIntosh's commitment to timeless aesthetics and high-quality materials. The black glass front faceplate, rotary control knobs, illuminated logo, and custom machined aluminum end caps are signature features of the brand. The back panel's Power Control ports allow for seamless integration with other McIntosh components, making it easy to turn the MQ112 on and off with the rest of your audio system.


MQ112 will be available later in October.

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