18th February 2022

New McIntosh MX180 processor ready for an 8K future

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New McIntosh MX180 processor ready for an 8K future

McIntosh’s A/V Processor offers 16 channels, 8K video and next-generation compatibility

McIntosh has launched the MX180, a future-ready 8K-capable A/V Processor with a raft of advanced customisation and processing capabilities. Fully 4K compatible and perfectly prepared for future 8K content, the MX180 supports 8K/60 Hz and 4K/120 Hz on all seven of its Ultra High Speed HDMI ports (five inputs and two outputs).

Each HDMI port supports: HDCP 2.3; 4:4:4 Colour; Rec. 2020; Dynamic Lip-sync and 3D Video pass-through as well as enhanced features, including: Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM); Quick Frame Transport (QFT); Quick Media Switching (QMS) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)

Numerous high dynamic range formats are supported, including HDR (static HDR), Dynamic HDR, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision (including low latency).

Outputs include 16 balanced audio outputs (enabling 15.1 or 9.1.6 surround sound speaker configurations) and the MX180’s two HDMI outputs can simultaneously output source material to two separate screens, or output different content from two different sources to two separate screens. One HDMI output features both Audio Return Channel (ARC) and Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) functionality.

Other connections include a suite of digital and analogue inputs and outputs, plus a Moving Magnet phono input.

The MX180 is compatible with leading 3D surround sound formats including Dolby® Atmos, DTS:X® Pro, and Auro-3D® and comes with sophisticated RoomPerfect™ room correction technology to measure and adjust the audio output to compensate for room acoustics.

The MX180 features some of the latest analogue to digital convertor technology, plus all analogue and digital devices can be custom named to simplify system operation.

Volume levels can be matched and bass and treble controls offer further control. A two-channel Zone B output also allows the device to send audio to a second zone.

The MX180 utilises the latest processing power tech to run cooler than previous McIntosh home theatre processors, and benefits from a robust and simplified set up program that allows customisation based on specific home theatre and speaker needs.

Available now.To find your nearest McIntosh retailer, please click here.

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