20th May 2023

Sonus faber launches second generation Stradivari loudspeaker

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Sonus faber launches second generation Stradivari loudspeaker

“It is never easy for a designer to reinvision an original launch, so when the conversation came about redesigning Stradivari it was challenging but also exhilarating,” said Chief of Design Livio Cucuzza

The Reminaged Loudspeaker Advances The Brand’s 40 Years of Technology Achievements Even Further

Coinciding with its 40th anniversary, Sonus faber is proud to announce the reintroduction of the second generation of its Stradivari loudspeaker, an artistically redesigned and technologically improved rendition of the brand’s first Stradivari launch in the early 2000s.

Stradivari is the epitome of Sonus faber’s philosophy. Inspired by its namesake, Antonio Stradivari, the world’s most famous violin maker, the new Stradivari is a union between a vision of a dream and the art of technique that pushes the limits of innovation and engineering. Similar to its first iteration, Stradivari follows the iconic stylistic signatures of Sonus faber featuring a sublime finish and premium woodwork but with a new pentagonal shape that allows for an enhanced listening experience from its original elliptical footprint.

“How do we recreate a product that continues to stand the test of time and has almost become an artifact? For this, we needed to figure out how to bring Stradivari into this generation of Sonus faber. We wanted to ensure that the new Stradivari represented all the advancements Sonus faber has made in sound technology to date, while still keeping the brand’s classic external look and feel.” - Chief of Design Livio Cucuzza

Listeners will now be able to experience the finest level of high-performance and cutting-edge sound technology across the Sonus faber catalogue with the second-generation Stradivari. It is delicately crafted with the brand’s most advanced and cutting-edge sound technology through the following key features:

  • Low Frequency Adjuster: a system feature that offers full control of the ultra-low range tuning, generating an unprecedented sound experience and uncompromised room response optimisation.
  • Anti-resonant Organic Basket: a feature within woofer, specially designed to avoid vibration modes generated by the woofer membrane.
  • Clepsydra Technology: a feature designed for the reflex port to maximize low frequency descent performance while simultaneously containing the length of the reflex duct.
  • INTONO Technology: a feature that guarantees the most natural possible reproduction of the medium frequencies, significantly reducing the size and the filter components of the crossover.

The second-generation Stradivari will be available in red, wenge, and graphite through Authorised Sonus faber Dealers beginning June 2023 for pre-order.

Find your nearest Stradivari Dealer here.

For more pictures and additional information, please visit here.

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