7th March 2022

Sonus faber Omnia, awarded '5 Stars' from What Hi-Fi


Sonus faber Omnia, awarded '5 Stars' from What Hi-Fi

A big thank you to What Hi-Fi for this exceptional review.

In the review, What Hi-Fi wrote: “...the Omnia is one of the biggest and most open sounding examples of its type we’ve heard. Close your eyes and you don't need to stretch your imagination to believe the sound is coming out of a pair of standmounters. That depth and breadth means instruments can work comfortably with space around them – even in denser mixes. And the Omnia impressively refrains from hardness or distortion at high (and even maximum) volume levels.”

"To both the eyes and ears, Sonus Faber’s latest wireless streaming speaker is bellissimo." -What Hi-Fi

What Hi-Fi concluded at the end of the review: "...the Omnia is one of the finest of its kind you could hand over music duties to. And certainly the best looking, to our eyes."

Original review here.

Find your nearest Sonus faber Omnia specialist here⁠.

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