9th April 2021

Sonus faber's Maxima Amator speaker gets a 5-star review from 'the ear'


Sonus faber's Maxima Amator speaker gets a 5-star review from 'the ear'

We want to thank Jason Kennedy at 'the ear' for his 5-star review of the gorgeous Maxima Amator from Sonus faber.

Jason wrote:

"What particularly appeals is the roundness of tone that the Maxima Amator delivers, maybe it’s the solid wood that does this but you don’t often get this quality without resorting to tube amplification."

"The piano also comes out really well, its shining notes rippling into the distance, then the kick drum comes in toward the end its thud really makes an impact. It was the most involving rendition of this piece I’ve heard in quite a while."

"...was totally cosmic thanks to this speaker’s ability to produce an engulfing soundstage where the keyboards and electronica expand out to the corners of the room, this was a total immersion experience that went deeper than I have experienced for some time."

"Quite possibly the best looking and sounding two-way in the world ever, Sonus faber do style and content like few others."

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Designed and handmade in Italy, a Sonus faber loudspeaker is unmistakably recognisable as a true work-of-art.

Part of the Heritage Range, the luxurious Maxima Amator delivers incredible sound and real pride of ownership, as only a Sonus faber loudspeaker can.

Available now. To find your nearest Sonus faber retailer, please click here.

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