25th August 2022

Sound Advice reviews the McIntosh MA8950 Integrated Amplifier


Sound Advice reviews the McIntosh MA8950 Integrated Amplifier

"In terms of high end hifi, this is up there with the gods, a new, very hefty, beautiful sounding McIntosh amp." - Sound Advice

In the review, Sound Advice wrote: “Make no mistake though, when you want a big recording played loud, the McIntosh makes everything seem very easy; indeed those VU meters give you a useful clue of how hard you are pushing because there are so few other audible cues as to how hard you are pushing. This is helped by bass extension that is positively subterranean at times. Almost regardless of the speakers you choose to connect to it, the McIntosh will extract deeper, more controlled and altogether more invigorating low end from them than you might have assumed was possible.”

Sound Advice concluded at the end of the review: "The MA8950 is a perfect example of McIntosh doing what they do. Behind the unique appearance is an amplifier that can handle almost any partnering equipment and speaker and deliver outstanding performance and flexibility with all of it. This is how McIntosh makes hifi and the results are sensational."

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