10th August 2022

Sound Advice reviews the Sonus faber Omnia


Sound Advice reviews the Sonus faber Omnia

"However unusual the idea of side firing drivers might sound, the key factor when listening to the Omnia is that they work like a charm." - Sound Advice

In the review, Sound Advice wrote: “The Omnia has an impressive level of bass extension and it manages to deliver impressive levels of low end shove without being slow or boomy. The top end is barely less impressive.”

Sound Advice concluded at the end of the review: "The Sonus faber Omnia is a fine choice for anyone looking to combine music with boosting their TV performance and want a little style while they're at it. The combination of its spacious and lively sound and the excellent industrial design will ensure it drops into most rooms and looks very good while it does so."

Original review here.

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