25th March 2021

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet awarded 'Best Buy' by 'the ear'


Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet awarded 'Best Buy' by 'the ear'

A big thank you to 'the ear' for their excellent review of the NEW Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet.

Awarded 'Best Buy', they wrote:

"...the benefits of adding an Ultra foot included a surprising increase in openness with the soundstage expanding before my ears quite clearly, accompanied by increased impact from drums. With the rather more appropriate 8 kg Merason DAC1 whose soft plastic feet were also on a glass shelf the effect was similar, here the presentation became more 3D, imaging getting more solid and real and this allowed the placement of instruments and voices within the mix to become clearer. There was also a perceptible relaxation, not huge but worthwhile. Returning this DAC to its standard feet took away the openness and reduced the sense of delicacy in its presentation."

"It would seem that even with a well isolated rack adding more damping and isolation with the Bassocontinuo Ultra feet can be beneficial to a wide range of components. These feet are nicely made and presented using materials that should remain compliant for many years to come, not always the case with foam. What's really interesting is how their benefits varied with component types, openness increases with most of the digital devices whereas other factors were enhanced with analogue ones. But in both cases there is an uplift that warrants this sort of expense in all but the most modest systems, and even there they might well be of greater benefit than a similarly priced cable."

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There are five models in the Ultra Feet series, each designed to optimise the effectiveness of the product(s) you place on top of them.

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