16th May 2024

Sonus faber x Lamborghini: Elevating Italian Craftsmanship

Press Release

Sonus faber x Lamborghini: Elevating Italian Craftsmanship

Fine Sounds UK is thrilled to unveil Sonus faber's latest automotive collaboration: Automobili Lamborghini.

In partnership with the historic company from Sant'Agata Bolognese, we are proud to introduce the Sonus faber sound system for the Lamborghini Revuelto.

This collaboration transcends the ordinary, offering not just an audio system, but a symphony of design and sound, epitomising the elegance of Italian aesthetics. Thanks to the R&D and design teams at Sonus faber and Lamborghini, this joint effort has resulted in a sonic marvel - a visually stunning and utterly harmonious product.

In this historical collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini, we celebrate the concept of Dual Nature Harmony.

Just as a Lamborghini seamlessly transitions between elegance and raw power on the road, Sonus faber's audio system mirrors this duality. Our system appears gentle, yet remains capable of unleashing a beast within the Lamborghini Revuelto.

Drawing a parallel between the dynamic character of Lamborghini cars and the natural sound of Sonus faber's audio system, we showcase its ability to deliver nuanced, delicate melodies and thunderous bass with equal finesse. Much like the Lamborghini driving experience, our audio system caters to diverse moods, creating an immersive and adaptive sonic journey for the driver and passengers alike.

The Revuelto Sound System boast 7 Cabin speakers with 750W of Power:

  • Center Channel: 1x FullRange 80mm
  • Doors: 2x MidWoofer 160mm + 2x Tweeter 25mm
  • Surround: 2x FullRange 80mm
  • Amplifier: 1x Class-D DSP - 750W

“The collaboration with Lamborghini marks another extremely important milestone for Sonus faber, further expanding the brand into the luxury car segment" - Fiore Cappelletto, Vice President and General Manager Automotive

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